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Havana Brown Outcross Program 

As we continue to work with other experienced breeders and Vets to improve the health and diversity of our breed, we will be doing two outcross breedings over the next couple of years. This will produce kittens that are 50% or 75% Havana Browns and can be used in breeding programs that will allow us to continue to pursue genetic diversity.  The result of these outcross breedings will produce some kittens that do not meet the physical criteria required to further our breeding programs so those kittens will be looking for the 'perfect' forever home.  These kittens will likely have personality traits that are common in the HB and will look very similar to the HB, however they may have eye color that is not a vivid green, their coats may not be a clear brown or their color may be a bit different, their bodies not perfectly proportioned or ears not set in the position we prefer. They are, however, wonderful family pets that will have been handled from birth, socialized well and raised with other Havana Browns. Often times they will not be visually identifiable as not full Havana Browns by anyone except the breeder.

If you think one of these cats/kittens might be perfect for your home, please contact us about reserving an outcross kitten and complete our kitten questionnaire. All cats/kittens from ComposerCat Cattery are fully Vetted, microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized.  Prices are as indicated below:

F0/F1 any color other than brown $400 plus the actual cost of sterilization (Black, Blue, Lilac or Siamese Point Colored)

F1 brown kittens $700 plus the actual cost of sterilization

F2 brown kittens or any pointed color kitten $1200 plus the actual cost of sterilization

Retired adults will always be brown with green eyes. Under 5 years old, $700 plus the actual cost of sterilization.

Our Havana Browns must be reserved in advance and kitten questionnaire on file to be contacted when kittens become available. Normal kitten price is $1400 plus the actual cost of sterilization.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Retired Show Cat available 

It breaks my heart to think of sending my sweet girl away, but I know she is no longer happy with the crowd. Done with babies, she has become a middle aged cat and wants individual attention. She adores to be brushed and have her belly rubbed, she sleeps beside you and purrs or loves to play with wand toys. She wants to be loved as a special only cat (or maybe share a home with another older cat) and give you years of love and affection.  She is a very easy girl and a perfect companion. She rarely jumps on tables or counters and always uses her litter box. She likes a peaceful, quiet environment where she is adored and pampered.
If you think you may have the perfect home for this little Lady, contact me and we'll discuss the possibility.