The Havana Brown is a gentle and affectionate cat who becomes very attached to his people. They are often lap cats and sometimes even shoulder cats! The want to be with you and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. They need to be an active part of your life. They prefer to sleep on your bed rather than theirs and will usually find your water glass more appealing than their bowl.
Havana Browns make great companions for families with children and other pets as they tend to adapt to most any environment provided they get their share of attention. They are also happy as a very affectionate only pet and companion for a person living alone. They are happy to share every aspect of your life and even enjoy traveling and joining you on holiday.
Often said to have a bit of a dog like personality, they do not run and hide when guests come to the door, but rather run to the door to see who has come to visit them.
What kind of home is NOT a good fit for the HB?
If you are looking for a cat to be an ornament or decor but not one that is actively involved in your life, the Havana Brown is not for you.
If you travel frequently and the cat is left at home for more than 24 hours - a stop by neighbor is not sufficient, HB's will become depressed, lethargic and often physically ill when their owner is gone for long absences.
If you are not 'certain' you want a cat, then don't get one. Havana Browns want to be your lifelong companion and they will remain loyal by your side through all sorts of life changes. You will never regret choosing this breed when you do decide you are certain so wait until the time is right.

So who SHOULD get a Havana Brown? If you are prepared to make a commitment to provide a loving forever home to an absolutely wonderful animal and you have the resources to provide for the animals care, then we look forward to working with you to help you find the perfect companion.


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